Celebrant Funerals / Memorials

Eternally wrapped in the whirl of the stars I hold you still in my heart Till I join you too in that dance everlasting This time never to part


To say a final goodbye to a loved one is never easy.  We all want to make sure the funeral service truly reflects their character and personality and the life they have led.  We also want it to be an uplifting and positive experience for those left behind.

But the planning for this is at the time when we are most overcome with shock and grief and so families tend to hand over all responsibility to the Funeral Director, who will do a marvellous job in organising all that needs doing.  

However, they will not conduct the Funeral Service and you will want someone who will spend time with your family, collecting memories of your loved one and who can prepare a beautiful and unique service, incorporating an uplifting eulogy and any music and readings and prayers if you wish.

We can take the weight off your shoulders and organise this for you. 

If you are arranging the funeral of a loved one, we will visit with you and your family and/or friends a week or so before the funeral to learn what kind of service you want. This visit will last about one and a half hours to give you the chance to reflect on the life of your loved one and work out how you want to say goodbye. 

We can make suggestions regarding music, readings and poetry if you wish. We will conduct a service to reflect your family's spiritual and cultural beliefs and which is unique to your family. 

Our Celebrant, Christine Wood, has experience of writing beautiful personal eulogies and tributes. She listens carefully to what people say and always checks what has been written by giving you a draft copy of the service before the day to make sure it is exactly as you would wish. 

Christine is a friendly, experienced, calm and reassuring person and would feel very privileged to be invited by you to conduct the service and take the servicefor your family member or friend. 

Either contact us directly or just let your funeral director know that you would like to meet Christine and they will give us a call. 

We will then contact you to arrange our meeting.